If you have a pet you love, you know the harsh realities:

  • 99% of landlords, hotels, and motels do not allow tenants or guests with pets. (Although this legally enforceable ESA letter will make sure that you enjoy the companionship of your pet in any no pet zone/policy. However, it is better that you contact them before visiting to make any necessary arrangements.)
  • 99% of government buildings and facilities prohibit animals as a matter of policy.
  • 100% of restaurants, schools, theaters forbid patrons with pets.
  • 100% of airlines, bus lines, trains, and cruise lines reject travelers with pets.

There is a solution for you and your pet!

A legitimate Emotional Support Letter, signed by a licensed mental health professional gives you the legal right to take your pet almost anywhere you go. The documents provided by our licensed mental health professionals eliminate most restrictions upon you and your pet.

The benefits of your legally-enforceable ESA Documents are obvious and immediate:
  • Now you can live almost anywhere you choose, regardless of “landlord policies”
  • No more worries about paying those insane pet or “additional security” deposits.
  • No limits upon the size or breed of your well-behaved pet. (We, at RealESAletter.com believe that it does not depend on the breed, but the training of the pet. Wouldn’t you agree with it?)
  • No more “pet fees” from airlines or other travel accommodations. (Some of the airlines do ask for their respective forms.)

We know that your dog, cat, or other pet brings you a personal sense of security, peace, and well-being. With your pet at your side, anxieties fade away, you’re at your happiest, and you’re able to function at your maximum potential and efficiency.

A legal, legitimate ESA Letter can change your life. Taking your well-behaved pet with you anywhere you go is now more than just a “wish”...it’s a new reality.

With your ESA Letter, the stress of pet ownership is gone. You and your pet will be welcomed—not shunned—at the majority of public places and by landlords who understand the law and operate legally under Federal legislation.

While restaurants, bars, and grocery stores—obligated to follow strict Health Department codes—aren’t legally required to admit your pet, in the presence of your official ESA documentation, most will. If your pet is well-behaved, so much the better!

Your ESA Letter is the ticket to freedom for you and for your pet!